Blog Sites

Do you want to grow your business?

Do you have a web presence already established but need a wow factor to develop a following?

If you are thinking yes, then you need a blog site.

Using the WordPress or Blogger platforms, I will create a blog that reflects the personality of your business and captures the attention of a quick click reader.

A well designed and written blog will not only drive traffic to your website, it will educate new and existing clients on your product and services, as well as create a base of potential customers.

The following links are to websites I have designed and/or written for.

Please note, the last two links are for adult web blogs. If you are offended by adult content, do not click on the link. Blogger will also provide you with a warning before entering those sites.

Iron Jungle Training: Sports training blog

WordKandy: Literature blog

Project Storyteller: Creative writing education

Steampunk Tempest: Academic

Liquid Ink Publications: Publishing and writing

Annabella Cristos: Erotica author

Dirty Whipped Cream : Erotica blog

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