About Me


Hi! I’m Kristie. I live in Southern California with my husband, 8-year-old daughter, and five dogs. I teach literature at a small college during the day, and spend my evenings as a creative writing dance mom. I discovered my love for reading in elementary school, when I first read The Black Stallion in the fourth grade. Since then, I read as if my life depends on it. Bookstores are my amusement parks, novels are my constant companions, and my dream is to build floor to ceiling bookshelves in every room of my house. I love paranormal romance novels, and I especially love novels with strong, fearless heroines. In my free time, I love to hike and camp in the mountains, and I don’t think there is anything better than reading a great book underneath a canopy of pine trees.

You will also find a link to my publishing website, liquidinkpublications.com. There you will find posts, links, and articles about writing, publishing, and successful freelancing.

SEO Content Development

If you are searching for enhanced web browser recognition, then you want a writer skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As a copywriter, I have learned the techniques of SEO and understand the delicate balance between well placed keywords that will drive customers to your site and overly saturated articles sure to be flagged by search engines.

When I write your copy, I will use the latest in trending topics and SEO keyword content to create quality articles and posts for your company.

The following are links to blogs and articles I have written for businesses throughout the United States and Australia. Posts such as these are written to client specifications and supported by current, credible research.

Sport and Fitness

Stay Healthy and Injury Free

Keep a Healthy, Competitive Attitude

Tips for Endurance Training


Find Academic Assistance Online

Why You Need Higher Education

You Can Afford a Good Education

Family Law

Be Informed about Mediation

Seeking a Child to Adopt

Handling Your Own Divorce

Your Custody Arrangement Options

Health and Wellness

Use the Internet to Manage Your Health and Wellness

Help Your Child Cope With Divorce

Support Groups for Divorced Parents

Home and Garden Articles:

When it comes to Air Conditioning Bigger is not Always Better

7 Warning Signs: When to call for air conditioning services

Humidity and Comfort Go Hand in Hand

Travel Writing:

Family Fun in Las Vegas

Cultural Events in Houston Texas

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Promote Goodwill

History and Art at the University of Texas

Discover Australia

Travel Insurance Isn’t Just for Big Emergencies

Real Estate

First Time Home Buyer Advice

Gambling and Other Interests

Why the Movies Love Gamblers

Society and Culture

Don’t Mail the Letter: Join a Social Network Instead

Blog Sites

Do you want to grow your business?

Do you have a web presence already established but need a wow factor to develop a following?

If you are thinking yes, then you need a blog site.

Using the WordPress or Blogger platforms, I will create a blog that reflects the personality of your business and captures the attention of a quick click reader.

A well designed and written blog will not only drive traffic to your website, it will educate new and existing clients on your product and services, as well as create a base of potential customers.

The following links are to websites I have designed and/or written for.

Please note, the last two links are for adult web blogs. If you are offended by adult content, do not click on the link. Blogger will also provide you with a warning before entering those sites.

Iron Jungle Training: Sports training blog

WordKandy: Literature blog

Project Storyteller: Creative writing education

Steampunk Tempest: Academic

Liquid Ink Publications: Publishing and writing

Annabella Cristos: Erotica author

Dirty Whipped Cream : Erotica blog