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Writing that pops and sizzles on the page is essential for online success. In addition to an interesting point of view, online readers want quick, concise articles delivering the maximum amount of information in the least amount of time. In the spirit of the hit and run article, the following links are to articles I have published on, Suite101, Yahoo! Voices, and

National Fiction Examiner for

Get Ready for Summer Reading

Community Focus on English/Spanish Fiction During Latino Books Month

The Get Caught Reading Program Promotes Family Literacy

New Arcane Society Book Trailer from Jayne Ann Krentz and Writer’s Space

What is Women’s Fiction?

How the MTV Movie Awards Bring Fiction to the Forefront


Writer for Suite101

A Reader’s Guide to the Romance Genre

Nora Robert’s Vision in White

Review of Soul Siren by Aisha DuQuesne

Reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

Modernism and Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

Walt Whitman and Transcendentalism

Writer for

Creative Wedding Gifts for a Groom

Red Envelope Gift Ideas

How to Find a Book in the Public Domain

How to Clean the Inside of a Softball Glove

eHow Family

Full Minority Scholarships for Dance Colleges

How to do an Outline for a Research Paper on a Book

eHow Health

How to Relieve a Tight Hamstring

How to Burn Lots of Fat Lifting Light Weights

How to Create Dynamic Tension Lifting Weights

eHow Money

Grants for Minority Startup Businesses

How to Maintain a Constant Supply of Salon Items

eHow Style

How to Price a Leather Jacket for a Yard Sale

eHow Simplify the Season

How to Make Tea from Loose Peppermint Leaves


Writer for Yahoo! Voices

A review of Joan Didion’s Writing


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